Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Flashback: Seed Beads in the 90s

As a kid I had my hands in a lot of crafts, but the one craft I remember most is beading.

Last time I visited my family, I dug through my old craft stash and found a lot of seed bead jewelry still hanging around.

I was obviously obsessed with the daisy.

I had that last daisy necklace hanging from my Beetle's rear view mirror in high school, if I'm not mistaken.

But I also knew how to rock those bugle beads.

I remember how my head was full of creativity and ideas back then. Funny how, as adults, those things do not come so easily. I wonder if it's because our minds are clouded with worries that push out things like seed beads. I'm too busy avoiding the homeless man peeing on the mailbox outside my apartment to think about bead designs.

Normally I look back at things from the early 90s and cringe, but these make me feel happy. In fact, I'd still wear these today. What were your favorite childhood crafts?


  1. boondoggle for sure! Even though I don't know what I did with them when I was done.

  2. First, I had no clue that you were home recently - I think I saw something about it on FB though. Second, I wish you lived closed. Third, I've started a blog myself - but it's horrid. Don't judge it just yet (but you know I'm not the least bit crafty:) )

  3. FRIENDSHIP BANDS! ooh and cross stitching. omg i bought a gazillion bunches of DMC embroidery floss for both projects. i still have them at my parents' house stashed away somewhere. gotta dig them up when i go home in nov!

  4. I was ALL about the seed beads and thought I had invented the flower design until someone else in my class told me she bought her flower beaded necklace at Claire's. I was into a ton of crafts as a kid - cross-stitch, boondoggle, friendship bracelets, potholder making. Did you ever make those rolled up paper beads? That was a favorite, as well as puffy painting anything and everything in sight :)

  5. Hi, I was wondering if you would share the pattern for the continuous daisy necklace. My sister & I used to make these on rainy days. I just can't seem to remember how or find a pattern. My mother said we used 2 needles but I only remember using one. Please help!


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