Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Favorite Patterns: Shawls and Wraps

I usually transition into winter with an ambivalent attitude, but I had a great summer full of beaches, babies, smiles, road trips, bikes -- sigh. While there are major positive life changes coming in the near future, it's harder to say good-bye to summer this year.

To ease my pain, I bring you some of my favorite shawl and wrap patterns from the web! I doubt I'll get around to making all of them, but it sure is nice to dream.

Are you working on wraps or shawls for fall?

Herringbone Knit Cowl
This one makes me want to drink a gallon of hot chocolate and then pass out on the couch. Not that I need a cowl to do that.

Versatile Shawl
There are many different ways to wear this pattern, and they all look awesome.

Bamboo Wedding Shawl
This would be so pretty in a jewel-tone green. Love the drape.

Sidewalk Shawl
I'd probably skip the fringe. The pattern looks like it would work up quickly. That's a bonus when your to-do list is as long as Santa's.

Bohemian Shawl
Love the open work on this one. I bet you could also bunch it up and wear as a scarf.

Coin Lace Stole
I have worked with this cuddly yarn before, and I'd gladly do it again -- especially in this color.


  1. I love the wedding shawl and the sidewalk one...both beautiful : )

  2. Love these looks. I need to try some of them!

    Just wanted you to know I awarded you a little something on my blog! Check out my newest post to find out what :]

    Simply, Melissa Ashley

  3. oh, love this!
    Im so glad its finally starting to cool down here in CA so I can pull mine out for a few solid months at least :)


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