Monday, July 25, 2011

Cardholder Project

This is one of the little projects I whipped up in about 2 hours in one of the Singer classes at work. (The classes are my absolute favorite perk of working at Martha Stewart!)

We used decorative stitches on the outside of the cardholder.

The only issue I had was that my fabric was kind of bulky in the corners (even though I clipped them), so the machine kept getting stuck and creating what looked like birds' nests in the corners. I trimmed most of the mess and pretended nothing happened...

I sent this gift to my Craftaholics Anonymous Gift Exchange partner as a little bonus to go with the Anthropologie-Inspired Bracelet I sent her!


  1. This is just so adorable. I want to work at Martha Stewart and make crafts all day... Luckyyyy


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