Friday, January 21, 2011

Hall & Oates Coin Purse

Ok, so my friend Danara is not really a maneater. But thinking about Hall & Oates reminds me of college when we played their greatest hits in her car.

Watch out, ladies.

For Christmas this year, some kind of ode to H&O seemed appropriate. I decided on something functional: a coin purse.

The Making
I ordered some metal frames from Tall Poppy Craft in Australia (why is it so hard to find frames in the U.S.?), then cut felt to fit the frame.

I cut the album cover (isn't it funny to call a cassette an "album"?) and the playlist from a cassette I bought on ebay. Using vinyl to protect H&O from the elements -- cause you can't be too careful when you have hair like that -- I sewed the images onto each side of the felt using my sewing machine, then I sewed the felt together into a coin purse. I slipped a piece of cardboard that I cut from an oatmeal box between the felt to make it sturdy.

The most difficult part was gluing the metal frame onto the felt. There were many moments of ?!@#%^ (that's me mumbling and cursing under my breath) as I tried to slide it into place. It looked a little wonky, but then, Hall and Oates look a little sexy wonky, too.

Notice the song "Open All Night." Mmmhmm.

If it were 1982, Danara would be the coolest kid in school. Instead, I have made her look like a sad adult longing for the days of spandex and slimy mustaches. I think she's ok with that, though.

Stay tuned for what I plan to do with the cassette tape that remains from my ebay purchase.

H&O, you make our dreams come true.

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