Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Down with Hand-Felting!

This weekend's lesson: hand-felting sucks!

Over the holidays, I crocheted the Posied Felted Crochet Bag, a free pattern from Red Heart yarn. The instructions say you can either machine-felt or hand-felt the bag when you're finished. Since I live in an apartment and have to trudge all the way over to the laundromat, I decided the hand-felt method would be better for me.


I boiled some water, put some soap on the bag to open up the fibers, and then used various kitchen tools to try and agitate the bag in the water.

After about 10 minutes, I felt like I was doing laundry with a washboard down by the river. The hot water was doing nothing. Laundromat, here I come!

The attempted "agitation..."

One glorious half-hour later (and thanks to some agitation help from my denim jacket and some jeans), the bag was perfectly felted.

Before and after:

Close-up of the flowers before and after:

If you want to try felting, I'd definitely suggest using a washing machine -- unless you're looking for an excellent arm-toning workout.

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