Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Regan from The Exorcist Crochet Doll

Using the word doll to describe this is kind of hilarious. Around the holidays, my friends Charles and David sent me a link to The Exorcist playset that someone crocheted. They wanted one bad. It was pretty detailed, with a bed and even a crocheted pillow and blanket.

I wasn't ready to commit to that, but I was ready to commit to just Regan. Now she's living happily with Charles and David.

Pattern: Regan from The Exorcist by Greybriar Hollow on Ravelry
Yarn: Random scraps from my stash

Messing her up was the most fun. Alex got in on this too. We smeared dark eye shadow all over her to make her look dirty. I added some red marks to look like cuts. The vomit is detachable, by the way, held on with Velcro.

The head does spin around--sorta. Because I added stuffing in the head, it's kind of tough to turn it around the joint.

I had to take a before picture because she just looked so cute and happy! Maybe next year I can make the priest to go along with her.

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