Sunday, February 3, 2019

Arbor Vitae Sweater and Saying Hi to Stephen West

Hey, it's my birthday sweater! Every December, Sami and I (practically birthday twins, just a day apart) go to Black Mountain Yarn Shop to buy yarn for a birthday sweater. This was my pick for 2018.

Pattern: Arbor Vitae by Joji Locatelli from Pom Pom Quarterly Issue 27
Yarn: House of a la Mode House Fingering Single Ply in Antique

I thought the construction of the top was a little strange, but once I joined it, things went much faster. this was a great knit to bring to stitch night since you don't have to think too much about it as you're knitting the body.

I did a little knit-on-knit the other day, layering my Dotted Rays shawl by Stephen West over my Arbor Vitae to go to Black Mountain Yarn Shop for their anniversary party. My friend Melanie came, too, and she whipped up this Doodler shawl in just a week!

This party is always soooo fun. Stephen is so awesome, and everyone there was happy and chatting about yarn/their projects. I didn't want to leave!

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