Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Mom's Stephen West Knit Exploration Station Christmas Shawl

This year for my mom's Christmas gift, I wanted to make something a little different than usual. I've made her shawls in the past, but she always told me she has a difficult time styling them.

I was already into Stephen West's designs, and after meeting him last year at Black Mountain Yarn Shop, I was inspired to try another of his shawls.

Yarn: Primrose Yarn Co. Cosmic Helix in Primetime and House of Mirrors, plus some gray from my stash

This shawl is cool because it has so many different sections that switch techniques and keep it interesting. One section has slipped stitches, one has brioche, etc. I really love how it turned out.

My mom loves bright colors, and green is her favorite. I found the Primrose yarns on sale at Black Mountain Yarn Shop, and I just crossed my fingers that I would have enough in my stash to round out the palette.

There was one unsuccessful attempt that involved way too many colors, so I simplified a little. When I got to the end, I didn't have enough gray yarn to make the lace border, so I just used up what I had left of the other yarns.


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