Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Knitting Trials and Tribulations of the Options Cardigan

Holy moly. I've been through it with this sweater.

I'm a huge fan of Amy Herzog's designs, so I was really excited to start this sweater. I didn't plan it out super well -- funny, since that's the fit tip Amy so constantly drives home. The lack of planning caused me to take soooo long to finish this.

But it's all good now.

Yarn: Rowan Pure Wool Superwash DK in Marl
Pattern: Striped (or Not) Options Cardigan by Amy Herzog

This yarn was discontinued last year, so all the yarn stores discounted it. I got this yarn for 50% off. Woo! This pattern is free via the Rowan web site, as it was part a knit-along.

 Let's briefly go through what went wrong with this sweater:

1. Knit entire sweater except one sleeve. Discovered I didn't have enough yarn to finish last sleeve. Ordered another skein.

2. Finished sleeve. Discovered I didn't have enough yarn to knit neckline and button band ribbing. Sighed desperately.

3. Tried on sweater. Sleeves were too long. Genius idea: Rip out sleeves, shorten sleeves, and use leftover yarn to knit ribbing.

4. Rip out seams. Rip out sleeves. Put ribbing on holder.

5. Knit sleeves again, making them shorter.

6. Knit ribbing again with leftover sleeve yarn.

7. Choose buttons. Hate buttons. Sew buttons on anyway.

8. Live with buttons because I am so done with this sweater.


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