Sunday, March 19, 2017

Spring Knits! Silvermine Shawl

Yep, another shawl. I just can't seem to get enough of these!

I first saw this shawl on Instagram. Christina Danaee of Appalachian Knits, the designer of the shawl, posted a call for test knitters. I immediately thought about this super special yarn and knew it would be perfect for this.

Christina is actually a designer local to Asheville, so it was cool to do a test knit for someone locally.

Pattern: Silvermine Shawl by Christina Danaee
Yarn: Siidegarte Siide-Fideel in Stiefmueterli and scrap gray yarn from my friend Emily

I've been doing a great job using up yarn that I already have. This beautiful wool-silk blend purple yarn was a gift from my mother-in-law. She went on a knitting cruise in Europe, and not only did they get to go to all kinds of awesome yarn shops, but the yarn also came to them.

The yarn seller boarded the boat and sold all kinds of awesome yarn to the knitting cruise group. My mother-in-law knows I love purple, so she chose this for me.

I love the little bobbles on the shawl that form these berry-like clusters. Once I got further along in the pattern, though, those bobble rows seemed eternal!

Before I even started knitting, I knew I didn't have enough of the gorgeous purple yarn to finish. But I did have a bit of gray yarn that my friend Emily sent me, and it looked lovely next to the purple. There's just something about purple and gray...

I got to the last few bobbles and discovered that I didn't have enough of the gray yarn. Ugh. I was so close to the end. I didn't have any gray fingering-weight yarn, so I ended up splitting a heavier yarn and using the split plies to finish it up. I don't think you can really tell! (It was pretty successful -- so successful that I'm writing a Craftsy post about it!)

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