Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Pretty Winter Snowflake Embroidery

I'm always sad when we have to put away the Christmas decorations, so it's nice to have some general winter-themed crafts that we can leave up through January (and hey, maybe even February). Snowflakes are a definite January decoration for me, and this Winter Snowflake embroidery is a perfect example.

Pattern: Winter Snowflake by cozyblue

Even though the pattern looks complicated, it didn't take as long as I thought. Most of the stitches are just backstitch and French knot. I saved the French knots for last, since they're my favorite! Aren't those little hearts to die for?

I worked on this a lot during the presidential debates. I found it helpful to stab fabric over and over with a needle to get me through the torture.

I didn't do anything fancy to the back. I just kind of folded the fabric over, glued it to the hoop, and trimmed the edges. Also, this might just be the neatest embroidery back I've ever had, thanks to that white-on-white fabric and floss.

I hung the snowflake on the wall right next to my Sea Captain, and I think I've decided to just leave it up year round. That wall is turning into a little embroidery section anyway, so I'm just going to keep adding to it.

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