Monday, September 26, 2016

Knit Socks to Commemorate Our Wedding

I like to commemorate practically everything with some kind of knitting. So when Alex and I got married in Savannah, I picked up some sock yarn so that I could make us sorta-matching knitted socks to pay tribute to the special occasion.

What should impress you most is that I finished these socks just three months after we were married. Miracles do happen.

I wanted a sock that was a little bit lacy and had an interesting edge on the cuff. Alex just wanted a pair with a cool texture. Here are the patterns I chose, along with the yarn details:

Yarn: Copper Corgi Savannah Sock in The Garden

This color is exclusive to Savannah's The Frayed Knot yarn store, which is one reason why we chose it. But there are plenty of other great colors to choose from.

Alex's Socks

Have you noticed that we can't seem to take a photo without our dog making his way in? He needs so much attention. So spoiled.

Pattern: Rudy Got Sole (Free on Ravelry) by Amy Klimt

Check out the cool basketweave texture. It's just knits and purls, and it's so easy to memorize.

The sock heel was stitched in Eye of Patridge, which I thought was really lovely. I might even consider subbing it on other heels.

My Socks

My socks have a great texture, too, but they were a little more difficult to knit. In case you were previously blinded by my pale legs, this summer I decided to add some freckles to help ease the pain.

Pattern: Meida's Socks by Nancy Bush

The cuff edge is originally what drew me to these socks, but the stitch pattern is also quite nice. It got much easier when I moved down to the foot and only had to repeat the pattern twice!

This photo makes it look like I have elf feet. Ha! I also saw examples of this sock worked as a knee-high sock. If I make another pair, I might give that a try.

It's cool to see how the variegated yarn works on different types of patterns. I love how the darker color slants across Alex's right foot in this photo.


  1. These are so pretty! I love that you commemorated your wedding with socks!

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