Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Crochet Giant Doughnut Floor Pouf

It's rare that I see something I want to make and then get started on it immediately, but that was totally the case with this Giant Donut Floor Pouf.

I spotted the Giant Donut Floor Pouf on both designer Twinkie Chan's Instagram account, as well as on Lion Brand's page. I showed it to Alex, and we both agreed that our living room needed it. Bad.

Pattern: Giant Donut Floor Pouf by Twinkie Chan, available FREE on as long as you are logged in under the free account
Yarn: Lion Brand Hometown USA in Madison Mustard, Los Angeles Tan, and Honolulu Pink, plus various scrap yarns from my stash for the sprinkles

The pets were pretty interested in it at first. I put it on the floor, and they both immediately just went and hung out beside it. Now we're wondering what to do when it starts to get pet hair on it. This thing definitely doesn't fit in the washing machine!


  1. I love it! I'm the same one too when it comes to crocheting things I see, even something I really like.

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