Thursday, July 21, 2016

Rainbow-Pooping Unicorn Cross Stitch

You're about to see what's probably one of Alex's favorite things I've ever made. (Yes, he likes it even more than his Doctor Who TARDIS socks.)

We bought a house and moved in March. Once we got everything settled, we noticed that our bathrooms were missing something. Something that's not very classy. Enter the rainbow-pooping unicorn!

I am a big fan of potty humor, and by that I mean that I giggle about poop like a 5 year-old. Alex found this pattern on Etsy for me, and we knew it was the one.

Pattern: Unicorn Pooping Rainbow by Crazzzy Stitch on Etsy

It has been years since I did a cross stitch project. My mom still has a couple left from when I was pretty young, and back then I couldn't get enough of it. That's probably because I lived in a small town where I had nothing better to do than to stitch, stitch, stitch, because HOLY CRAP CROSS STITCH TAKES FOREVER.

Alex and I got seriously into Agatha Christie's Poirot, and I probably stitched this unicorn through at least three of the seasons.

And here's the obligatory back-of-the-work shot. It ain't the neatest. When I finish a color, I like to run it through the backs of the other stitches, then just leave it hanging there.

Stay tuned, because I have one more crude bathroom cross stitch project to show you later. It's way grosser than this one!

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