Friday, October 2, 2015

Felt Leaf Wreath for Fall

Did you ever cut out paper leaves when you were a kid? You can use that same kid-friendly technique to make a colorful felt wreath for your door this fall!

Don’t forget that you can make this wreath in one solid color if you choose, rather than alternating colors like I did.


  • 12” straw wreath
  • 1 sheet green felt
  • 1 sheet red felt
  • 1 sheet gold felt
  • 1 sheet orange felt
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Pen or tailor’s chalk
  • Ruler


  1. Using your ruler, divide a piece of green felt into three 4” sections across the longest edge. Mark the sections with a pen, then cut.

  2. Put two sections of felt aside. Fold one section over, allowing the short ends to meet. Cut in half, creating a 4” square.
  3. Fold the square and cut each of those two sections in half once more. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 with each section of the green felt. When you finish, you should have twelve 4” x 2” pieces of green felt.
  4. To make a leaf, fold one 4” x 2” piece in half lengthwise, folding one long end to meet the opposite long end.
  5. Cut along the edge, clipping the corners and rounding the center to make a leaf shape.

  6. Repeat Steps 1-5 with the red, gold, and orange felt. When you finish, you’ll have 12 leaves of each color.
  7. Using your hot glue gun, add a drop of glue to one end of a green felt leaf. Glue leaves one at a time to the straw wreath. Overlap them slightly, hiding the straw.

  8. Note that I did not cover the back of the wreath; this will be against a wall or door and out of sight, so no need to waste precious holiday minutes gluing there. If you’re planning to place your wreath where the back will be visible, just buy an extra sheet of felt in each color.
  9. When you’ve finished layering the green felt, begin layering the next color. Continue until you’ve filled the entire wreath. 
  10. Once you’ve layered each color onto the wreath, go back and glue down any fly-away leaves to make sure they stay in place.

Which fall leaf color is your favorite?

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