Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sewing an Oliver + S Family Reunion Dress

I sewed this dress for my niece for her birthday back in March, but it's only in the last week that my mom could persuade her to try it on and take pictures. Judging from these photos, I think she likes it.

Pattern: Oliver + S Family Reunion Dress
Fabric: I wish I could tell you. I bought this a few years ago, and there's no company name on the selvedge! It's pretty though, isn't it?

A close-up of the dress front

This was my first time sewing an Oliver + S pattern, and I love the instructions. They're so detailed, and if you follow the instructions completely, you'll find that sewing the dress is much easier. For example, the instructions have you sew seams that later serve as turning guides -- something you usually have to figure out yourself after many years of sewing.

I think beginners would especially find the instructions helpful.

I went with the ruffle front instead of the button tab, but I'd love to make another version.
Back of the dress
I chose flower-shaped buttons for the back. I was worried they'd be a bit much for the print, but I think it works well. Plus, how often do you have the chance to use such cute buttons?
Front of the dress
Next I have my eye on the Oliver + S Ice Cream Dress. Maybe that can be my niece's birthday dress next year.
Have you ever sewed an Oliver + S pattern? Which one?



  1. Adorable! I LOVE the Oliver + S patterns, for so many reasons. I have sewn multiple different patterns from them. One summer, I made 3 Ice Cream Dresses. I've sewn both (unless there are more than two...) of their pajama patterns. I've also made the Roller-skate Dress, and a long sleeved button down shirt, too. Oh, and another one that is a little jacket type thing and a matching skirt. I feel like the O+S patterns are well worth the money.

    1. I'm so happy to hear that you've had success with the other patterns, too! I had my eye on the Rollerskate Dress, but I didn't buy it yet. I do own the Ice Cream Dress, though, so I think I'll either do another version of Family Reunion or try one with Ice Cream. I just looked at some of the posts on their blog and there are so many options for other versions that sewers have come up with. There's just not enough time to try them all!


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