Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Oh, Baby! Knit Baby Booties + Choosing Baby Yarn

Knitting baby gifts is awesome because they're so darn tiny. They take no time at all when compared with, say, that pair of socks you knit your Dad for Christmas that took more than ten hours.

I made these cute booties for my friend Anna's baby girl. She's due very soon, though I think it might take some time for Baby L to grow into these. Anna was the first person I met in Asheville, and as an ex-NYCer herself, she was a lifesaver when I transitioned from Brooklyn to Asheville. Her baby deserves lots of handknit goodies.

Yarn: Lion Brand Modern Baby in Green

Pattern: Time Flies Booties from What to Knit When You're Expecting by Nikki Van De Car

I'm not a fan of gender-specific colors for babies unless the mom requests it. I decided to go with green yarn and pink buttons for these, and Anna was very happy about that. (Later, Alex pointed out that these are Sex Pistols colors, which was a total accident. This kid's gonna be way cooler than she knows.)

Choosing baby yarn

Choosing yarn when you're knitting for a baby can be tough. You want something soft, but also something that's easy to care for. Though I don't have kids myself, I learned over the years that moms throw everything in the washing machine. There's no time for hand washing!

Even if you can't find a yarn that's safe for the dryer, at least find one that's safe for the washing machine. Fortunately, the Lion Brand Modern Baby yarn that I used was safe for the washer and the dryer. I also love that it has nylon so that the booties will keep their shape more easily.

A gift tag is a must when you're giving a baby gift. I made this tag using cardstock and a paper punch. I included the fiber content of the yarn, plus the care instructions.

There's your dose of adorable for the day. Are you making or buying any baby gifts this year?


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