Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Trio of Trees Embroidery Kit

Lately I've been trying to complete projects that have been hanging around my craft room for a long time now. This cute little tree embroidery kit from Egg Press was the latest project on my list.


This Egg Press kit was free with a purchase I made at Purl Soho many years ago. The kit traveled with me when I moved from Brooklyn, and I didn't touch it until just a few weeks ago.
I used chain stitches for the red tree, though I feel like they were so tiny that they looked more like French knots. I used a very random backstitch for the red tree's trunk that started out as a brick stitch but then just kind of went crazy.
The purple and pink tree has a satin-stitch tree trunk and French knot leaves. The green tree has a satin-stitch trunk, too. I did a swirling backstitch for those leaves.

I love kits like these because they often come packaged in handy little bags that are perfect for on-the-go crafting. Unfortunately, when Alex and I drove up to Hot Springs, North Carolina, I discovered that embroidering in the car makes me want to puke. Winding roads and French knots do not mix.
Next, I'm working on a Dropcloth sampler that goes along with Rebecca Rinquist's Advaced Embroidery Sampler Creativebug class. It's looking good and I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's finished.
Also, as you may have noticed from my photo, I just finished the first Wildwood book. It. Is. Amazing.

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