Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Crafternoon in Asheville

I spent last Saturday afternoon showing crafters how to make silkscreen adhesive totes and notecards with Darned Ideas and a room full of fun, crafty people.

As a tribute to my former employer (*snicker*), I broke out the Martha Stewart silkscreen adhesives for my station. Crafters made totes, greeting cards, and even drawstring jewelry bags. Here are a couple of shots from the awesome crafters who silkscreened with me. You can see more photos and projects from the crafternoon over on Darned Ideas's Facebook page.

Some crafters got creative and started layering the silkscreens on the tote. Even though this tote used some of my favorite colors, I didn't try to steal it. Really dug that lace border, too.

Proof that silkscreen adhesives are awesome? My boyfriend came to help me set up and ended up staying to make a tote bag. Dudes, if you want to impress and/or pick up ladies, come to a crafternoon.

This flower was created using three different colors -- red, yellow, and black -- to make the flower more realistic. The bracelet next to it is from the tile jewelry station.

I'm already super pumped for Darned Ideas's next crafternoon. If you're in Asheville, look out for the next event!


  1. I had an amazing time! Can't wait till the next one. You're the best :D

  2. how fun!
    i've never tried silkscreening but would like to some day :)


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