Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Knitted "Pearl" Necklaces

I've never been a fan of pearl necklaces [insert sex joke here]. They remind me of Barbara Bush and the girls who worked in Hillary Clinton's Senate office. (Side story: When I worked for United Way of America, we'd drop off public policy literature in the Senate offices. Hill-C's office was chock-full of the exact kind of girl you'd think would work for her: sweater sets, pearl necklaces, hair pulled back in sensible updo -- stereotypical Wellesley.)
Anyway, a knitted pearl necklace is another story. I made Knitted I-Cord Necklaces a few weeks ago, and I was riding the I-cord train when I saw this pattern in Knitting from the Center Out. I didn't like it at first because the pearls went all the way around the necklace. I'm way too impatient for that, so I just made five pearls in the middle and called it a day. It's prettier that way, don't you think?
And you know what makes these pearls so pearly? Cotton balls! Yep, just regular old drugstore cotton balls are stuffed in there.

I gifted this necklace to my friend Jessica for her birthday, but I want one for myself, too!

Knitted jewelry is awesome. If you have a favorite knitted jewelry pattern, tell me about it so I can add it to my to-do list.


  1. cotton balls! You're too smart, lady! I've mostly seen people use wooden balls.

  2. So cute pearl necklaces, I like, thanks for sharing. cheap pearl necklaces

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  4. Lovely idea! That's really cute! I love pearl necklace very much.


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