Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fabric-Covered Storage Boxes

Part of my Hurricane Sandy organizing meant dividing my craft supplies by craft -- sewing, embroidery, knitting -- to make everything easier to find.

I didn't have enough room in the closet, meaning some of these boxes are going to be out in the open on a shelf. If I'm going to look at these every day, they may as well be pretty!

I bought a plain white box from The Container Store for $4 and used a hot glue gun to cover that sucka in scrap fabric leftover from my Peony dress. Then I filled it with my embroidery supplies.

Now if I only had more boxes -- and more closets.

How do you divide and store your craft supplies?

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  1. i heart my hot glue gun!!!

    That fabric is so pretty! The lids will make beautiful trays for coffee table toppers don't you think? I was thinking candles, but on second thoughts, that's kinda flammably dangerous, ain't it.

    I stash my embroidery floss in a used parcel box. But the ones that get tangled, i straighten them out and wrap them around clothes pegs. I peg the ends of the floss so they don't come loose and get tangled again!


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