Thursday, June 28, 2012

I Ain't Afraid of No Silk

I hold myself back a lot when sewing. Buttonholes, zippers, bias tape -- at some point I have run from them and later been forced to conquer them. This was the case when my friend Liz asked me to alter some sleeves on a dress she was wearing to a wedding.

Alter some sleeves? No problem! But when I found out the dress was silk, I got a little worried. I had never worked with silk before and if I messed this up, Liz was going to look like a bag lady at the wedding. I bravely changed my machine needle, did some test stitches on a scrap of the silk, and whatdya know? It turned out pretty well.

In honor of my bravery, some of my favorite silk fabric picks.

Clockwise from top left:

Aqua/Gray Misc Jersey Prints from Mood Fabrics

Teal Green Dot Silk Jaquard from Denver Fabrics

Bone Floral Voile from Mood Fabrics

Champagne/Rose Floral Jersey Prints from Mood Fabrics

Viburnum Fleurs from Vogue Fabrics

What are you scared of when you're sewing? Maybe I can persuade you to try it!


  1. Hurray on your bravery! you can persuade me till the cows come home, it's hard to make me start on those patterns. Partly because i'm LAAAAZZZY! :p

  2. I have recently tackled bias tape. I'm still learning but it wasn't as bad as I thought. I even ventured out and tried making my own. Although I am with you on the button holes.

  3. I am terrified of silk. Or wool. Or really anything besides a substrate of cotton. I am right there with you!

  4. lol I love the title of the post! I too am afraid of all the things you listed including silk! Great job on conquering silks!

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