Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Owl and Elephant Fabric Collage

My niece just turned 1 year old, so I wanted to make a special gift that she could enjoy every day.

I really like these Petit Collages on Martha Stewart, but I wanted to use fabric instead of paper.

I bought the wood boards at Michaels, and I used my huge bag of scraps (inherited from my friend Jessica) to choose fabrics for the collages. Someday I will be able to create a fabric pit that I can just roll around in all day.

I was feeling inspired by the color palettes in Better Homes & Gardens. (The palettes I looked at were in the March issue, but they have palettes online, as well.)

What I love about scraps is preserving awesome fabrics that may otherwise go unused, like this cute doggy fabric.

What I liked about this project: Great, inexpensive project for using fabric scraps.

What I didn't like about this project: I had to spread the glue very thinly to make sure it didn't bleed through the fabric and make dark spots.

What I listened to while I made this project: Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots by The Flaming Lips


  1. yay! one more way to use fabric scraps!! and i love that Flaming Lips song!

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