Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stitch Nation Sidewalk Shawl

Last month, I did a round-up of my favorite shawl and wrap patterns. After I posted it, I was itchy to make the Sidewalk Shawl.

I'm nuts about all the new Stitch Nation Yarn patterns. They are all lovely, but I really love shawls in the fall and winter. In fall, I can wear them in place of a jacket. In winter, I can bunch it up like a scarf on my walk to work and then wear it around the office. (One thing I recently discovered I can't do: wear the shawl as usual and layer my coat on top of it. I looked like a bloated snowman. Coincidentally, this was after a night when I'd eaten a large amount of broccoli and already felt pretty bloated.)

I chose the Mermaid color in Bamboo Ewe, which looks really pretty with gray, dark purple, and black. It worked up quickly, and I skipped the fringe. You just don't know what could happen with fringe. You could get it stuck in a subway door. You could get tangled in it. You could choke. Fringe is very unpredictable.

The gorgeous pineapple pattern:

Have you made any of the other Stitch Nation patterns? I'm dying to do another one, but I can't choose just one!


  1. I have yet to play around with any Stitch Nation patterns, but I have enjoyed working with their yarns! I made a chemo hat for myself out of it and wore it almost every day. It's held up pretty well.

  2. I LOVE that stuff! I have made so much stuff from those books. the colors of the yarns are so bright and beautiful. I saw the wrist warmers on etsy's how-to tuesdays and i'm itching to make a pair for myself.


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