Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Anthropologie-Inspired Blooms

I love fresh flowers, but they are expensive and they die way too quickly.

Many weeks ago, I had intentions on making these Anthropologie-Inspired Blooms made from Q-tips. So I made them.

But then the artificial flower stems I bought were too flimsy. I was going to buy a wooden dowel and use that instead. How long did it take me to scoot myself over to Home Depot and buy said dowel? Oh, about two months. If this were Twitter, I'd use my #lazy hashtag.

I ran out of regular Q-tips halfway through the first "flower," so I went to the drugstore and saw these awesome ones with purple stems.

The cool thing about the purple is that it lets you do a two-tone bloom, plus the plastic Q-tips are much easier to break apart than the other ones. However, after I dipped them in the food coloring, I liked how the plain white Q-tip absorbed the food color.

Dip, baby, dip!

What I liked about this project:
You can make it while watching TV. Also, it didn't take much time.

What I didn't like about this project:
Sometimes the Q-tips didn't stay in the styrofoam, so every time I moved the bloom Q-tips would fall out of it. I found that the purple plastic Q-tips fell out more easily than the other ones.

What I listened to while I made this project: Chimney Choir -- an awesome Colorado band I heard at my favorite Brooklyn venue Jalopy. I loved them so much that I even bought their CD. Can you imagine? A CD! That's how much I loved them.


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