Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Nook Curtains

The apartment I moved into claimed to be a one-bedroom, but in reality the bedroom is a little nook off the living room. It has a frame, but no actual door. Ahhh, New York!

I wanted to bring some color into the living room and make the two rooms a little more separate, so I used some Ikea fabric that I bought for $2 a yard last summer. Originally I planned to make regular window curtains out of them, but then I moved and decided they'd be better suited as a monster curtain.

There were times I thought my sewing machine was going to catch on fire. I really overworked her for these! Here's the finished curtain:

I made a huge mess when I was making them. There could be a small child buried under here and I would never have known.

I thought sewing straight seams would only take an hour or two. Wrong! I didn't account for pinning all the hems and ironing and stopping the machine every time I had to lift the ten pounds of fabric away from me to continue stitching.


  1. love the fabric!

  2. Yeah, thanks! I go nuts for Ikea fabric and this one just happened to be on sale the day I was there. Jackpot!


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