Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Have you discovered Pinterest yet? I'm obsessed with it.

Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board -- and it's way more organized than the real-life bulletin board on my wall at home. It's a great way to organize things that inspire you and things you want to make. It's also better than my old way of organizing my craft interests, which was to "star" them in my Google Reader. I went star crazy and I couldn't tell ya what's in that folder now!

Here are just a few projects I found on Pinterest that struck my fancy and made me want to run away from my full-time job to craft at home.

SisterDiane pinned these gorgeous eggs that use paper-punched flowers for decorations. Normally this would be a little feminine for my taste, but I make exceptions for spring!

Kokeshette pinned a simple idea for fabric wall art. I'd love to incorporate a smaller version of this into my apartment.

I found this awesome jewelry bust on the Most Discussed board.

Are you on Pinterest? Follow my boards, and poke around on other people's boards! I promise you'll be addicted.


  1. Wow! I can really see how this helps! Can I add this to the DTeam blog? I'd love to share it with others.

  2. Sorry this is off topic, but you won 2 patterns in the No Foolin April Fools Day giveaway on! Can you contact me to give me an address to send them to. Thanks for participating. I didn't have an email for you, so sorry for the interruption on this post.


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