Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Coolest Hat Ever...

Love the Center Square pattern. Love the colors I chose. Problem? I made it too large!!

I have a big head. Blame it on the hair, blame it on the genetics (my brother claims big head status, too). So I always try to make my hats a little larger than normal.

Flashback to winter 06-07. It is unbearably cold. I drop by Urban Outfitters and check out the clearance sale on hats. Pick up two hats: one helmet style and one plain. The plain one won't fit over my head. The helmet one looks silly, but I wear it anyway because it's warm and--good Lord--it covers my whole head, chin, and neck. As a result, I get made fun of by friends and decide to make this hat.

Because the UO hat was too small, I decided to increase the gauge on the Center Square hat for my big head. This resulted in a hat that was too big. Awesome, yet too big.

I frogged it (but not before taking a lovely photo) and will most definitely redo for next winter.

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