Tech Editing Services

Designers, you are not alone! I'm available to tech edit for both knitting and crochet. My tech editing can cover:

  • Formatting, including following your style guide. (I can even help you create a style guide if you need one.)
  • Materials. Do you have all the materials listed that the stitcher needs?
  • Math. I'll make sure all the stitch counts are correct, as well as all other math within the pattern.
  • Clarity. I'll point out any spots that might be confusing for the stitcher.
  • Consistency. Is "stitches" always abbreviated as "sts"? Is all terminology consistent? I'll check for any inconsistencies.
  • Accuracy. If a stitcher makes the pattern, will it look like your sample? I'll point out discrepancies between the two.
  • Measurements. I'll make sure measurements like bust, sleeves, length, etc. are all accurate and meet the Craft Yarn Council of America's standards.
  • Charts. I'll check charts for accuracy and can even create charts if you need them.
  • Schematics. I'll draw your design in Illustrator and add measurements.
  • Conversions. I'll check and even convert inches to centimeters if you're using both.
  • Typos. We all make 'em, but I'll be sure your pattern doesn't have any typos or other grammatical errors.
If you're on a budget and only need a couple of these things checked, that's cool! I'll provide an estimate of how long I think your pattern might take, and we can work within your budget to cover your biggest worries.

I love working with both companies and indie designers.

My Qualifications

I tech edit on an ongoing basis with Coats & Clark, working with dozens of different designers and different types of patterns. I've tech edited sweaters, shawls, socks, hats, toys, scarves, cowls -- you name it!

I also tech edit for independent designers. It's always tough when you're working alone, so I'm here to give those patterns a second look to make sure everything is accurate before you send it out into the world.

I have experience with tech editing bigger projects, too, like books and collections.

I'm an obsessive knitter, so I have experience with many different construction methods, designers, and project types. I love a challenge, too. If you are having issues presenting your seven-size colorwork sweater in just one chart, for example, I'll help you find a solution that's clear and concise. 

If you're interested in hiring me, email me at feisty.redhead.crafts[at]gmail[dot]com. I can't wait to hear about your project!

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